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Professional Tile Removal Service for Commercial Properties in Texas

The last thing you need floating around your commercial establishment is dust. Dust and other tiny debris are a nuisance to clean, and their presence makes customers uncomfortable and irritant. Though you do your part to keep your property’s environment dust-free, there are situations that can cause high amounts of dust – having your tiles removed is one of those cases.

Your tiles occupy a large space and removing them generates a huge amount of dust. Once the particles circulate in your environment, they can get caught in your HVAC system, ducts, or even your merchandise. To prevent this, you need to stop dust from dispersing. However, without the right equipment and know-how, it’s nearly impossible to control dust using traditional tile removal methods.

If you want to remove the tiles in your establishment but don’t want to create any dust, contact Tile Busters today. Our Tile Busters system and dust free tile removal procedure offer a unique way to remove your tiles.

Tiles Removeal Commercial Services

The Tile Busters System and Dust Free Process

When you hire Tile Busters to handle the task, your tiles are swiftly and efficiently removed with zero dust generated. We don’t follow typical tile removal methods like using a chisel and hammer, or power tools. Instead, we use high-speed electric chisels that make cleaner and smoother cuts without the risk of exposing your environment to flying particles. We also use a commercial grade HEPA filtration system to prevent the dispersal of dust.

Without the presence of dust harming your establishment, your merchandise stays clean and your customers feel comfortable and happy.

Commercial Properties We Service

Tile Busters wants to provide the communities of Texas with the best tile removal services and experience. To do this, our services are available not only to residential spaces, but to various commercial properties as well. The types of properties we serve include:

  • Churches
  • Hotels and Bed & Breakfasts
  • Museums and Art Galleries
  • Restaurants
  • Retailers
  • Schools

Tile Busters can handle all types of tile removal jobs, be it renovation or replacement. We’ve been in the flooring business since 1994, and our experience allows us to give you the best services and customer care. Not only that, but our technicians are fully licensed and certified and are ready to take on any task. Give us a call at 903-448-7171 and get a free estimate today.