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Hotels and Bed & Breakfast Dust Free Tile Removal in Texas

When it comes to managing properties like hotels and bed & breakfasts, it is important to properly maintain both the internal and external areas. Guests love it when they realize that their establishment of choice allows them to feel relaxed, pampered, and at home. However, achieving this feat can get a bit tricky, especially when it comes to your flooring choice.

Among all the types of floorings, tiles are known to be one of the most versatile. Tiles come in various shapes and designs, materials, and generally have a very low upkeep. Tiles are a beautiful investment in rooms like the lobbies, bathrooms, and ballrooms, to give these spaces a unique glimmer. The only problem you will encounter, though, is when it gets damaged or needs to be replaced.

Depending on the type of tile you have, removing the affected surface is not plain and simple. Removal using traditional methods could leave dust in the rooms and in the ventilation systems, resulting in down time or unhappy guests.

We, at Tile Busters, offer an innovative way to take care of your tiles. Unlike the other companies, they still rely on old fashioned techniques to get the tile out. We, however, prefer using the dust free tile removal method.

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Why Dust Free is Good for Business

If you have experienced removing tiles through simple DIYs, then you are aware of how much dust it produces. These tiny particles become irritants, easily get trapped in your furniture, vents, and even inside your lungs. In establishments like hotels and bed & breakfasts, it is not healthy to expose your guests and employees to these tiny particles, for they are known to cause respiratory illnesses and ailments. Furthermore, your appliances, ductwork, and the like will have difficulty functioning properly, and the cost of their repairs is pricey. Through the dust free method, however, our experts can easily remove those tiles in no time – without jeopardizing the health and safety of your people, and prevent your precious belongings from sustaining any type of damage.

Our dust free tile removal service is fast, reliable, and, most importantly, clean. If you are interested in hiring us to service your property in Texas, give us a call by dialing 903-448-7171. You may also visit our contact page here for further questions and concerns.