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Virtually Dust Free Tile Removal by Tile Busters®

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Traditional Tile Removal Methods


The super fine dust created from the removal of tiles will get literally everywhere from walls, windows, curtains, furniture, computers & electronics, clothes, inside cabinets, drawers, air ducts, carpet, and any other place there is space for dust to settle.


Projects can last upto several days.


Dust from tile removal contains “silica,” a dangerous carcinogenic material which causes silicosis of the lungs, and takes a toll on those who suffer from allergies, asthma or other health conditions.


With traditional tile removal methods, your concrete slab will likely be damaged from the chipping hammer and require additional prep work which means more money out of your pocket before installation can even begin.


No one realizes just how much dust accumulates in the home from traditional tile removal. It is an enormous amount and the cost of getting all that dust removed from air ducts, carpets & upholstery is outrageous. Not taking into consideration the dry cleaning, maid services, and other unforeseeable expenses. Moving out during the project and the cost for hotel and food during this undertaking is also an additional expense.

Tile Removal With Tile Busters®


Tile Buster’s system is virtually Dust Free. The dust that would traditionally get on every part of your home is caught by our revolutionary Tile Busters system before it becomes airborne.


Tile Busters can complete up to 600 square feet of tile removal in a single day using our dust free method.


Your Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is maintained and kept at healthy levels during Tile Buster’s projects, by using our proprietary state of the art equipment.


If you are looking forward to new flooring when your tile removal project is complete, Tile Busters leaves your concrete slab flatter, ensuring a better installation.


No dust simply means no need for cleaning. And there is certainly no need to move out while the Tile Busters project is taking place. Just kick back, relax, and enjoy your home... with no added dust!

Tile Buster Houston's Service Area

Removing old tile flooring the traditional way is very dusty, laborious, and harmful. Most contractors will spend hours just taping off rooms with plastic wrap in an effort to "minimize" the spread of dust from thinset removal. However, thinset dust is so fine that even with great effort, it will still settle everywhere, covering your walls, cabinets and counters.

Besides just being a nuisance, the dust can get into your duct system and even wreak havoc in your electronic equipment like televisions and personal computers. Most importantly, the dust is harmful to you and your pet's health, because it contains Crystalline Silica which can lead to the disease Silicosis.

Tile Busters® provides an alternative method of dust-free tile removal to the traditional tile flooring removal. It is much cleaner, highly effective, and leaves your place looking, smelling and breathing brand new! We serve the greater Houston and Galveston area.