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Restaurant Dust Free Tile Removal in Paris, TX

Most restaurant kitchens require specialized tile, as this is one particular area that's vulnerable to collecting germs. Having tiled surfaces in restaurant kitchens means that they are constantly taking in a lot of abuse, whether it's from spills, splashes, or high levels of traffic causing bacteria and other potential health hazards.

As a restaurant owner, it's vital to keep your tile floors looking fresh and clean, especially if it's been awhile and your tile floors are looking worn out. Tiles may look easy to remove, but they are made from materials such as natural stone, ceramic and marble. Therefore, handling them without proper equipment can be harmful and inefficient. At Tile Busters, we'll treat your tile floors like they are our own and get the job done!

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Dust-Free Delights with Tile Busters

We here at Tile Busters® believe that you deserve only the best that we have to offer. What makes us unique from others is that we only use the effective and safe dust-free method when it comes to the removal of your worn-out tiles. We are armed with high-speed electrical chisels, as well as a HEPA filtration system so that no dust or other particles can harm you. Because it's dust-free, we create little to no mess and your tiles can be removed and replaced quickly and safely. Our dust-free system is compatible with many tile materials, so there's no job too big or too small for our team of highly-trained and experienced professionals. We also have a variety of products to serve your needs. So if you're living in Texas or in the surrounding area, dial 903-448-7171 and we'll make sure you receive a FREE estimate! If you have any questions or other concerns, visit our contact page.