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Dust Free Tile Removal Services for Schools in Paris, TX

Dust and dirt for example, are commonly seen when you are dealing with tile floors. Tiles are the go-to material for bathrooms and certain surfaces, so it is not surprising that schools use them as well. Whenever tiles need to be removed, the traditional tile removal method is often used. However, this messy, dusty option often generates an unsafe environment for our children.

Floor removeing

The Power of Dust Free

Tile Busters offers an alternate solution for this messy tile removal problem. Our dust free tile removal service works just like the traditional method, but without the dust or dirt. Choosing this option is much safer because your school’s environment will not be harmed.

Normally, when contractors chip your tiles away, the resulting dust and debris circulate throughout the surrounding areas. Those that were not spotted and swept away can get caught in your appliances (e.g. electric fans, air conditioning units, etc.). This will cost you more money because damaged equipment will need to be replaced. What’s more, children can accidentally inhale these substances and get asthma attacks and allergies. Sick kids are not happy kids, and when their bodies are not in the best shape, their education suffers.

Go with the safest choice and contact Tile Busters. Our methods are safer, faster, and more efficient. So give us a call at 903-448-7171 and experience the benefits and power of dust free today! All of our services are available to residential and commercial properties located in the surrounding areas of Paris, Texas.