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Dustless Tile Removal Service in Clarksville 

Tiles have many uses beyond their primary purpose of acting as a protective surface for areas of your home. They contribute significantly to the interior design of your home by creating an atmosphere that enhances the look and feel of the living space. Broken, cracked, stained, or old tiles are dangerous and useless. Those tiles need to be replaced as soon as possible.

The thing is, tile removal is not an easy task. Without the necessary tools and proper knowledge, you should not attempt to remove tiles by yourself as you may be seriously injured. That is why professional tile removal services are required.

You shouldn't be too worried about it if you live in Clarksville. Whatever problem you're having with your tiles, Tile Busters can help. We offer a dust-free tile removal method and have been professionally providing this service since 1994. Anytime you want to remove tiles in your home or office, contact us at 903-448-7171.

Professional tile removal service

Our Tile Removal Process

Heavy tools like jackhammers and grinders are used to take up floor tiles. This leaves a smooth, finished surface but also a lot of dust. We, use the same tools and general methods in a dust-free process. Here, we use an extra piece of technology that gets rid of these harmful and messy waste products. With our unique method for removing tiles, the following steps are taken:

  • Our professionals begin this process by assessing the project and providing an estimate.
  • We take a few extra steps to make the work as stress-free as possible, despite the fact that dust-free tile removal eliminates the majority of the risk of a messy clean-up and property damage.
  • We use a vacuum with a jackhammer and it absorbs the dust out of the air.
  • After completely removing the tiles, we make the surface smooth and ready for new tile or floor installation.

Choose Tile Busters for Professional Tile Removal Service in Clarksville

Contact us anytime for getting the most reliable tile removal services in Clarksville. We provide this service for kitchen tile, bathroom tile, and many more. Call 903-448-7171 for getting a dust-free tile removal service. Click here to fix an appointment or to know more.