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Dust-Free Tile Removal System in Allen, Texas

Removing old tile flooring the traditional way is an exceedingly dirty, laborious, and risky task for many contractors. Moreover, the dust generated can be a big health hazard for residential and commercial properties in and around Allen, Texas.

In an effort to contain the extremely fine dust produced by thinset removal, contractors often spend hours taping off rooms with plastic wrap. However, the dust is so fine that it can still escape all of these barriers. Before you know it, the dust can get everywhere, coating your property’s walls, counters, and other surfaces.

Moreover, using plastic and duct tape is simply not enough to isolate and contain the dust produced by traditional tile removal methods. This old process can also be quite dangerous and painstaking for technicians, as it can take several days to complete. Worse, tile removal can cause a lot of disruptions to your daily activities. But unfortunately, you’re often left with no choice because you need to accommodate the contractors who are just doing their jobs.

Rather than dealing with the strenuous effects of traditional tile removal methods, our CEO, Don Preston, created an innovative, virtually dust-free tile removal system. Thus, Tile Busters was born. We have a healthier and more effective way to get rid of old tiles without causing any dust to spread and linger around your property.

Interested in giving our services a try? Hire our team to work on your property in Allen, Texas, and throughout our service area in Texas and Oklahoma.

We Offer Tile Removal Services for Multiple Industries in Allen, TX

The old method of removing tiles produces a lot of dust, which can cause respiratory problems, especially for those who have asthma and allergies. Also, the disruptive nature of the dust removal process is one reason why property owners forego replacing outdated tiles. Traditional tile removal also takes a toll on the workers, who have to wear heavy protective clothing and work on their hands and feet all day.

Don Preston sought to change that and came up with the Tile Busters Removal System. It is an alternative method of tile removal that is virtually dust-free. Our process also produces a cleaner and quicker result, guaranteed to leave a clean slate for you to install new tiles right away.

There’s no longer any need to suffer because of the harmful dust created by traditional tile removal methods. Contact us to learn more about our dustless tile removal services. Our team works on homes and commercial spaces such as schoolsretailerschurcheshotelsrestaurants, and more.

Hire Tile Busters for Dust-Free Tile Removal in Allen, TX

Prepare to breathe new life into the interiors of your property with our tile removal services at Tile Busters. We cater to and other businesses located in North Texas and the DFW Metroplex, including Allen, Texas. To get started, just give us a call at 903-448-7171 or send us a message via the form on our
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