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Dust-free Tile Removal Service in Anna, TX

One of the easiest ways to refresh the look of your commercial bathroom, kitchen, or shop in Anna, TX, would be to replace its tiles. Changing your tiles can help you get rid of broken pieces that mar the overall look and appeal of your establishment. It can also make your space look cleaner and updated.

There’s just one problem, though: tile removal. This process, while essential, can pose plenty of challenges to a property owner. This is because tile removal generates a lot of dust, enough that it can reduce the air quality inside of the structure, cause stains, and damage delicate electrical equipment.

Our team at Tile Busters has found a way around this problem by using a dust-free tile removal process. The system we use, which was designed by our CEO and founder Don Preston, won’t leave dust and debris behind. This ensures that our clients can enjoy their retiled space without having to worry about the air quality or the comfort of their staff members and customers.

Do you own a restaurantretail shop, or bed and breakfast in Anna, TX? If so, you can rely on our company for all your tile removal needs. In addition to Anna, we also offer our services to establishments in University ParkProsperMount Pleasant, and other areas. Give us a call at 903-448-7171 if you require hassle-free tile removal services.

Tile Removal Services for Commercial Spaces in Anna, TX

Dust-free tile removal services are a recent innovation. In the old days, clients tended to have second thoughts about replacing the tiles on their property. This is because they don’t want to deal with the dust that the old process generates.

It takes a bit of work to prepare a kitchen, bath, or shop for tile removal. First, the place must be prepped. This involves removing the furniture and equipment in the room and sealing the area to control the spread of dust. The technicians will use plastic sheeting to cover doors, windows, vents, and other gaps where dust can escape. Next, the technicians themselves would get ready by putting on protective clothing. While this keeps dust away from them, the heavy gear can also slow down their work.

Because we use a dust-free tile removal process, our technicians can go about their work in comfy clothes without fearing that the dust will compromise their health. This allows our team to complete the job quickly while causing minimal disruptions for the client. We’ve replaced tiles in stores as well as in the following community spaces:

Refresh the look of your commercial space in Anna, Grand Prairie, or Farmersville by replacing your old tiles. You can count on Tile Busters for excellent tile removal services.

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