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Dustless Tile Removal Service in Arthur City, TX

Cracked, dated, or dirty tiles create an eyesore. The presence of these damaged tiles in a commercial setting such as a shop, kitchen, restaurant, or bath won’t do the establishment any good. It’s always an option to install new tiles and update the look and feel of the commercial space. But before this, you need to remove the tiles in the area, and this can be a demanding task.

If you own or run a business in Arthur City, TX, you can count on Tile Busters for quick and clean tile removal services. Our company provides dust-free tile removal services to businesses and commercial spaces based in and around the Dallas-Fort Worth area, including Mansfield, Coppell, and Sulphur Springs.

We can remove the tiles in your restaurant, retail shop, or bed and breakfast without causing or leaving a mess. This way, the tile installers can come in and complete the project as soon as possible.

The Old Method vs. Our Dust-Free Tile Removal Services

Removing tiles is traditionally a messy, time-consuming affair. The old process of removing tiles generates a lot of dust, the bulk of which can linger in the structure for weeks or months after the new tiles have been installed. The dust can then get into the vents and reduce the air quality in the building.

To make matters worse, dust also sticks to the walls and floors, stains furniture and carpets, and damages electric appliances. What’s more, it can compromise the health of the people using the building, as it can trigger allergic reactions or worsen symptoms of respiratory disorders.

Business owners don’t want to ruin the look of their shop, endanger the health of their patrons, or close their establishment until after it has been thoroughly cleaned. It’s no wonder why many business owners and managers choose to retain the old tiles in the property for as long as possible.

In contrast, Tile Busters uses modern tools and methods to remove damaged, dated, and dirty tiles. Our team of tile removers works without generating or being hampered by dust, and we leave the spaces we work on in a clean state. As such, our clients don’t have to worry about the air quality in their establishment or other damages that excess dust can bring about.

And because our team doesn’t have to deal with any dust, we can complete the job more efficiently. This means that space can be retiled quickly and the shop or restaurant can reopen as soon as possible.

In addition to commercial spaces, we also work on community establishments such as:

If you want to remove the old tiles in your property in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, just call Tile Busters.

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Removing your tiles doesn’t mean you have to compromise the health and safety of your staff members and patrons. Enjoy clean, healthy, and quick tile removal services in Arthur City, TX by calling 903-448-7171 or using our contact us online.