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Dust-Free Tile Removal Services in Campbell, TX

Are you thinking about upgrading your residential or commercial property in Campbell, TX, but don’t feel like committing to a full-fledged renovation? You can still update the aesthetics of your home or office by replacing the tiles. Your toilet, bathroom, or kitchen definitely won’t look the same after you get new tiles added in.

Unfortunately, tile replacement is usually not a simple procedure, as old tiles first have to be removed before new ones can be installed. This is often a potentially dangerous affair, as traditional tile removal generates a lot of dust. To make matters worse, people often end up finding heaps of it in their homes or offices even months after the tiles have been replaced. Moreover, the dust can also cause health concerns for people with skin issues and respiratory problems.

But when you hire us at Tile Busters, you won’t have to deal with these issues at all. We use a dust-free tile removal system that’s faster and more efficient than the traditional methods out there. We are able to give our clients’ properties a fresh new look without making them deal with extended disruptions or excessive dust. If you live or work in RoxtonKennedale, or Fort Towson, hire our team today!

Quick & Easy Dust-Free Tile Removal Services in Campbell, TX

Many property owners often forego tile removals until they actually have a renovation project because of how time-consuming and messy they can be. Since many technicians often use a hammer and chisel to remove old tiles, they end up producing an enormous amount of fine dust. Fortunately, the Tile Busters Houston system addresses these issues by providing a much cleaner and safer process. The system we use is also much faster, as we can clear 600 square feet in a day. 

We take pride in knowing that our method for tile removal has now become an industry standard. Our speed and efficiency are simply unmatched compared to traditional tile removal methods.

Our revolutionary system at Tile Busters was perfected by our owner, Don Preston. He wanted to change the way tiles were removed from a structure. What he came up with was more economical, more pragmatic, and safer for the workers and the people in the property. We’ve worked on both residential and commercial properties, including museums and gallerieshotels and bed and breakfasts, and restaurants.

Reach Out to Us for Dust-Free Tile Removal in Campbell, TX

Tile Busters provides an alternative to the old kinds of tile removal services for clients in Campbell, TX. Unlike the traditional hammer-and-chisel method, we can remove tiles from a house or office without producing any dust. This is because we use an electric chisel for a cleaner and faster job. We serve home and business owners in EvermanComoLake Creek, and throughout our service area.

To book our services, feel free to send us an inquiry via the form on our Contact Us page or give us a call at 903-448-7171. You can also plan your budget by requesting a free estimate as well.