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Dust-Free Tile Removal in Colleyville, TX

The Tile Busters tile removal process is perfect for owners of homes and businesses across Colleyville, TX. Indeed, we are the company to call when you want to replace your existing tiles with new ones.

Because traditional tile removal methods include lots of labor, clouds of dust, and potential health hazards to humans,  you can give yourself peace of mind while saving money with our cost-effective, innovative dust-free method for tile removal. The Tile Busters System is healthier and more effective and can be used in homes and commercial facilities. We serve clients in Colleyville and other cities across our service area.

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Exceptional Tile Removal Services in Colleyville, TX

We have the Tile Busters owner, Don Preston, to thank for perfecting our tile removal system. He had his start in the flooring business in 1994 and always seemed to find problems with the most common tile removal methods.

Firstly, the traditional process that uses a chisel and hammer was found to produce a lot of dust that often stuck around for months on people’s properties. Not only can dust create an unhealthy living environment, but it can also trigger severe allergic reactions or asthmatic attacks in people.

As a result, Preston spent countless hours researching and developing techniques that could minimize or even eliminate the dust produced during tile removal. Surprisingly, Preston found that many tile removal systems had the same issue: they were all labor-intensive operations that were largely inefficient. He found that using an electric chisel helped expedite the process and eventually came up with the system that Tile Busters is now known for.

We take pride in the many benefits that our tile removal system provides to our clients. In addition to being virtually dust-free, our process is quicker, safer, and healthier than traditional methods. Moreover, your home or office will be left with a flat concrete slab that’s ready for a new flooring installation when we’re finished with it. Above all, if you request an estimate from us, we’ll give you our rates upfront with no hidden costs. We can work on churchesretail establishmentsschools, and more.

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Tile Busters provides dust-free tile removal services to home and business owners in and around Colleyville, Texas. Our method is cleaner and more effective, leaving your place looking amazing and ready for brand new tiles. Don't suffer from the spread of harmful dust caused by traditional tile removal. Call us today at 903-448-7171 or visit our Contact Us page to learn more about our services in Colleyville and throughout our service area.