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Dust Free Tile Removal in Dallas

The usual routine of removing tiles from floors has proven to be more than just being a dirty and labor-intensive task. It has also become one of the unhealthiest since it produces fine dust that can land on all surfaces and can cause allergic reactions as well as respiratory problems. The only recourse that most contractors have when they need to remove tiles is to minimize the contamination by taping off entire areas. This often proves futile since the fine dust still finds its way on surfaces and walls everywhere.

Your best option for dust-free tile removal in Dallas, TX is to contact Tile Busters. The system that we use to remove tiles from your floors and even from your walls is virtually dust-free since we employ our Tile Buster System, which uses innovative tile removal systems and methods. Reduce the incidence of tile dust in your home or office after tile removal by choosing us for this job.

Tile Busters System – Your Healthier Tile Removal Option

Don’t settle for the traditional when you can have the better and the more innovative Tile Busters System for tile removal. You won’t have to suffer through hours of tile dust removal after your tiles have been removed from your floors. You can now enjoy virtually dust free floors that are ready for their new tiles and floor covering options with our system.

Aside from being dust free, you will also find that our methods are faster and more efficient at removing tiles from your surfaces. You can have your floors, walls, and other surfaces free of old tiles in less time than it would take via the traditional method. You get the benefit of dust-free removal that is quick, efficient, and clean.

What’s even better is you get it without any hidden costs added to your initial estimate. What you are quoted is what you will pay, no more no less. You don’t have to worry about additional payments you need to make when the job is done since what we quote you when we make our estimate is what you will pay. How is that for the perfect tile removal system?

How Tile Busters Got Started

Tile Busters' owner, Don Preston, has been in the flooring business since 1994 and has consistently found problems with tile removal methods. For starters, the traditional tile removal process spreads dust throughout the home and sticks around for months after the tile has been removed. Not only does the dust create an unhealthy living environment, but anyone with allergies or asthma will greatly suffer.

Preston has also found that business and homeowners living with old, outdated tile will keep it that way because they don't want to deal with the months of dust left by the tile removal process. Instead, he has spent many hours researching and developing techniques to make the tile removal process a dust free one. In fact, he has experimented with many tile removal systems finding that they all had the same issue that they required hands and knees operation and still got clogged.

Go with Dust-Free Tile Removal in Dallas with Tile Busters

Tile Busters® is your alternative method for tile removal, with a dust-free system that is like no other. Why settle for a dusty and laborious method when you can have a dust-free option at your fingertips? Contact us today at 903-448-7171 to find out more about this system and to get a free estimate.

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