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Dust-Free Tile Removal in Dodd City, TX

If your tiles look ready to be replaced, your first instinct may be to call for traditional tile removal services. But while this is the most familiar type of system to most homeowners, it’s not necessarily the healthiest nor the most efficient one.

Truth be told, most conventional tile removal methods unearth a lot of dust, and that dust can get everywhere—from your rugs to your furniture. Not only are these particles difficult to remove from your home’s surface, but they can also pose a serious threat to you and your family members, especially if any of you are prone to getting asthma or allergies.

The best alternative is to get dust-free tile removal services done for your home. At Tile Busters USA, we offer that service to residents of Dodd City, TX, as well as other constituents in Fannin County like Bonham, Bailey, and Honey Grove.

We employ a unique tile removal method that’s not only dust-free but also faster and more effective than its traditional counterpart. It’s not uncommon for us to finish up to 600 square feet of tile removal in just one day, when it takes our competitors twice or thrice the time. See the difference that the Tile Busters system makes, and let us take care of tile removal on your property.

Tile Removal in Dodd City, TX Using Our Signature Method

The story behind Tile Busters’ proprietary tile removal method is a simple one. Our owner, Don Preston—who’s been in the flooring industry since 1994—perfected a dust-free system after years of careful study. Since then, we’ve gone about the business of removing tiles in the least intrusive and most cost-efficient way. This leaves our customers with smoother concrete slabs, which in turn makes it much easier to implement new flooring.

If you want to know more about the services offered by Tile Busters USA, you can click on the following links:

Dust-Free Tile Removal — We are proudest of our basic tile removal services, which are known throughout our service areas of North Texas and Southern Oklahoma. Our dust-free tile removal method works for a variety of materials, including ceramic and stone.

Tile Removal Services for Businesses — In addition to homes, we also offer commercial tile removal services for establishments like retail shops, schools, churches, restaurants, hotels, and more. If you own a business in Dodd City, TX, or its surrounding areas, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Join Our Tile Busters Dealer Program — Are you a peer of ours in the flooring industry? You can inquire about becoming one of our partners for the Tile Busters method. All you need to do is book three jobs in one year in order to qualify for our dealership program. This entitles you to further discounts on Tile Busters USA’s services.

Contact Tile Busters USA for Tile Removal in Dodd City, TX

Consider our dust-free tile removal method for your property today, and give us a call at 903-448-7171. You can also leave your details on Tile Busters USA’s official Contact Us page. We service Dodd City, TX customers as well as residents from nearby areas like Paris, Windom, and Sherman.

Take note, however, that we may be able to serve communities outside of North Texas and Southern Oklahoma for an additional travel fee. Contact us to get started on dustless tile removal for your home!