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Dust-Free Tile Removal in Farmers Branch, TX

Sometimes, a fresh set of tiles can breathe new life into the kitchen, bathroom, or floors of any property. After all, tiles can degrade and look dated after a decade or so. This makes replacing them both routine maintenance and a great remodeling project.

Unfortunately, removing old tiles the traditional way can be a hassle for both the technicians and the people occupying the home or office. However, if you live in Farmers Branch, TX, you can get dustless tile removal services when you hire Tile Busters.

Our tile method is cleaner than the usual hammer-and-chisel method and is highly effective as a result. Once we’re done working on your property, it will be clean and dust-free. That way, you can breathe easy and continue with the rest of your renovation.

To learn more about our revolutionary tile removal system, simply call 903-448-7171 or contact us online to book our services or to get additional information.

The Best Dustless Tile Removal Services in Farmers Branch, TX

Our innovative tile removal method was developed by Don Preston, the owner of Tile Busters. Don has been in the flooring business since 1994 and found that popular tile removal methods have always been problematic.

This was because many traditional tile removal processes spread dust throughout the property that tended to linger for months even after the tiles had long since been removed. Additionally, leftover dust often created an unhealthy living environment for people, causing allergies, skin irritation, asthma attacks, and more.

Don saw this and wanted to ensure that home and business owners would no longer have to deal with all the dust left behind by traditional tile removal processes. This is why he poured many hours into researching and developing what would become the Tile Busters system. The solution he came up with is much safer, more efficient, and virtually dust-free. Our tile removal method also leaves a clean concrete slab behind, prepped and ready for the installation of new tiles.

We are proud to say that our method for tile removal can effectively remove tiles without spreading pesky dust throughout clients’ homes or businesses. It's also quicker and is suitable for residential and commercial facilities, including museums and art galleriesrestaurants, and schools. Contact us today to request an estimate for our services. All our rates are final and will never include hidden costs.

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If you need dust-free tile removal services in Farmers Branch, TX, you can count on our team at Tile Busters. We cater to home and business owners and there is no harmful dust or potential health risks like with traditional tile removal. Just choose our services instead and see the difference for yourself. Call 903-448-7171 or visit our Contact Us page to book our services or to get additional information.