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Dust Free Tile Removal in Fort Worth, TX

Removing tiles can be a very dirty business. Not only will you be left with a fine coating of dust even after a number of tries at cleaning surfaces off but you may also find yourself with plastic and tape removal to deal with after the job is done. You also run the risk of triggering respiratory problems and allergies with the fine dust that settles all around after the job is done. Why suffer through all these when you can go for a dust-free option in Fort Worth, TX?

Don’t settle for tile removal methods that are archaic and will leave you with a lot of cleaning up to do after. Go for a dust-free option that leaves you with a clean surface that you can work with immediately from Tile Busters. Our system is so innovative that you are left with a floor and other surfaces that are devoid of tiles without the pesky dust that comes with it and the uneven surfaces that often result from traditional tile removal methods.

The Best Decision You Will Ever Make is Choosing the Tile Busters System

Why go for the traditional when an innovative and less bothersome system is at your fingertips? Our Tile Busters System for tile removal is your best option because it gives you a lot of benefits that you won’t get with the usual tile removal system of old. You won’t have to worry about almost futile efforts to remove dust from your surfaces since there will be virtually no dust after your tiles have been removed using this system.

You will also get surfaces that are ready for retiling and other options you might have for redoing your floors and other surfaces. You don’t have to worry about uneven spots and areas with leftover tiles still sticking to the floor. Our process is so well-thought out and well-executed that you will be able to lay new tiles and flooring as soon as we are done.

What’s more, you don’t have to worry about hidden costs with our quotes since we don’t believe in adding these things after we have given you our estimate. What you get when we quote you is what you will be expected to pay, no more no less. You get the perfect tile removal system without added costs and with upfront estimates so you know what to expect.

How Tile Busters Got Started

Tile Busters' owner, Don Preston, has been in the flooring business since 1994 and has consistently found problems with tile removal methods. For starters, the traditional tile removal process spreads dust throughout the home and sticks around for months after the tile has been removed. Not only does the dust create an unhealthy living environment, but anyone with allergies or asthma will greatly suffer.

Preston has also found that business and homeowners living with old, outdated tile will keep it that way because they don't want to deal with the months of dust left by the tile removal process. Instead, he has spent many hours researching and developing techniques to make the tile removal process a dust free one. In fact, he has experimented with many tile removal systems finding that they all had the same issue that they required hands and knees operation and still got clogged.

Dust-Free Tile Removal in Fort Worth TX is the Way to Go

Tile Busters® is your best bet when you want a cleaner and better tile removal system in Fort Worth TX and Tile Busters is the company to contact for this. Don’t go for the traditional when you have the innovative and better available to you at no hidden costs. Contact us now to schedule your free assessment and estimate at 903-448-7171.