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Dust-free Tile Removal Service in Haltom City, TX

Many property owners who use traditional tile removal methods typically have a hard time enjoying their newly tiled restaurant or shop. This is because the old method of removing tiles creates a lot of dust, which is never a good thing for a commercial space. Excessive dust, after all, can cause health problems to the people who regularly use the space, such as your staff members and your loyal customers.

Aside from negatively affecting the indoor air quality and atmosphere, excessive dust particles in the air can also cause property damage, as they can get into delicate appliances and affect their operation. How can you appreciate a newly renovated space with all these problems?

The good news is that you have other options aside from using the old tile removal method for your commercial space in Haltom City, TX. One of these is getting in touch with a company like Tile Busters that offers dust-free tile removal services.

The system that we use is designed and perfected by Don Preston, our founder and CEO. After spending years in the business, Don decided to find a better way of removing tiles, one that does not pose health risks to the tile technicians and the clients that we work with. After 50 prototypes, he came up with a system that eliminates dust and debris as soon as they are generated. This revolutionary system is what we now use to carry out our work.

You, too, can benefit from this clean and hassle-free way of removing tiles. Simply call us at 903-448-7171 so that we can provide you this service. Our company is trusted by establishments that are located in Haltom City as well as the nearby areas of Avery, Murphy, and Wylie. Enjoy the same benefits that our past clients have truly appreciated and get in touch with our team today.

Tile Removal Services for Businesses in Haltom City, TX

Using our dust-free tile removal system in Haltom City, we can skip the more tedious aspects of tile removal without compromising the quality of the work that we do or the final product that you can enjoy. There’s no need to spend extra time to seal the area where we will be working because the process we use eliminates dust from the get-go. At the same time, this also means that we can finish the job faster, and your business can resume regular operations sooner than planned.

We’ve worked with the following establishments in the past:

While these clients accommodate a lot of people on a daily basis, they are not required to completely close their premises while we work on one section of the property. This is one of the many benefits of immediately controlling the spread of dust and debris.

Contact Tile Busters for Clean Tile Removal Services in Haltom City

For reasonably priced and hassle-free tile removal services in Haltom City and nearby neighborhoods, call Tile Busters. You may reach us at 903-448-7171 or you may send us a message through our Contact Us page.