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Trusted Dustless Tile Removal Service in Honey Grove, TX

Do you feel like your old tiles are making the rest of your property look outdated? Are you ready to replace them but aren’t looking forward to the tedious task of removing the old tiles first?

Don’t worry, because Tile Busters USA has got your back. We’re the top service provider when it comes to professional dust-free tile removal for residential and commercial property owners located in the USA. In Texas, for example, we’ve got lots of happy customers in areas such as Windom, Petty, Dodd City, and Honey Grove, TX.

If you’re worried that our team will be using the old hammer and chisel to chip away at your floor, don’t fret. We here at Tile Busters USA use a method that was perfected by our founder, Don Preston, after years of experimentation and prototyping. Instead of doing the tile removal manually, we employ the use of an electric chisel and make sure that all generated dust is contained before it has a chance to spread across the property.

Why don’t you see the quality of our work for yourself? Just dial 903-448-7171 today and we can give you a quick estimate so you’ll have a better idea of the final cost.

Our Revolutionary Tile Removal Services in Honey Grove, TX

With years of experience in expert tile removal, our team is guaranteed to clear your floor of old tiles in a jiffy. We’re able to remove hundreds of square feet every day—600 square feet, in fact. Our specialty services are as follows:

Dustless Tile Removal – As previously mentioned, our method generates little to no dust, meaning there’s no need to spend hours taping off the area and ensuring that no additional cleanup is necessary after the job is completed. By the time we’re done, you’ll have a smooth, even, clean, and flat concrete slab ready for your brand new tile installation.

Commercial Tile Removal Services – Our expert tile removal services are available not only to homeowners but to business owners as well. No matter what type of establishment or office you own, Tile Busters USA can remove all your old tiles without any fuss. You won’t have to keep your business closed for too long, either. That’s because we can complete the tile removal job more quickly than companies that use the traditional method of tile removal.

Choose Only Tile Busters USA for Tile Removal in Honey Grove, TX

Want to give our dustless tile removal services a shot? Then, all you’ve got to do is call our team at 903-448-7171 today. We’ll get all the details of the project and provide you with an estimate for free. Alternatively, you can tell us what you need by filling out the form on our Contact Us page, and we’ll be sure to get back to you promptly.

Should you know anybody in Gober, Ladonia, Pecan Gap, or any other areas that require dust-free tile removal, please do send them our way! We’re also able to serve clients outside of Southern Oklahoma and North Texas for an additional travel fee. Just call us and we can work out the details of the job!