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The problem with the traditional system of removing tiles is that there’s just too much dust. And the super-tiny dust particles get everywhere. The old method involves using plastic and tape to isolate a small portion of the house. You’ll have to be wearing a ‘full-armor’ to remove tiles the old way. Otherwise, your mouth, ears, nose, and eyes would be filled with dust in no time. With the new dust-free system, our technicians don’t even have to wear a mask. 

If you’re a homeowner in Idabel, OK and you want old tiles removed, you’ll be interested in using our dust-free removal system provided by Tile Busters. It may seem unbelievable at first but you can see with your own eyes by watching this video. This new method of removing tiles is nothing short of revolutionary. 

Try the Dust-Free Tile Removal System by Tile Busters in Idabel, OK

Tiles are amazing flooring materials. They’re durable, water-resistant, cost-effective and nice to look at. But as durable as they are, tiles can get damaged. Maybe something heavy gets dropped on the floor tiles. Uneven concrete under the tiles can also cause cracks. And sometimes, they get out of style and you want a more modern design installed. 

Whatever reason you have for replacing floor tiles, it would involve removing the old tiles before you can install new ones. And removing floor tiles can be a highly-disruptive process that could take a while to finish. The traditional tile-removal method results in a ridiculous amount of superfine dust that can circulate around the entire house and cause health problems. These dust particles can linger long even after the tile removal process has been completed. 

Superior Tile Removal Powered by Tile Busters in Idabel, OK

Our Tile Buster System works differently. Our system is powered by Dust Commander, which gets rid of the dust as it is created. It was invented by Don Preston who has been in the flooring business since 1994. He noticed the problem of dust that lingers in homes months after the tile removal job is finished. 

The existing tools available in the market all had the same problems—they all get clogged. And they all forced technicians to work on their hands and knees, which can be straining. So Don built his own tool, field testing more than 50 prototypes until he arrived at the current iteration of Dust Commander. 

The Tile Buster System that we use is powered by Dust Commander. When we remove the tiles on your floor, virtually no dust is scattered because it’s immediately removed. 

Count on Tile Busters for Dust-Free Tile Removal in Idabel, OK

If you need tiles removed in Idabel, OK, opt for the method that doesn’t involve the production of ridiculous amounts of dust that’s harmful to your health. Choose Tile Busters. Call 903-448-7171 for a free estimate or visit contact us page for more information or to schedule an appointment.