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Dust-free Tile Removal Service in Keller, TX

One of the best ways to freshen up the look of your kitchen, bath, or retail space in Keller, TX is to replace its tiles. Installing new tiles will not only update the look and feel of the space, but it also gives you the perfect opportunity to get rid of the cracked or stained tiles that spoil the look of the room.

Before installing new tiles, you have to remove the old tiles first, and this can be a problem. Most property owners don’t want to deal with tile removal as the process generates dust—a lot of it. The dust remains in the air and vents for weeks to months, and these particles can negatively impact the quality of the air inside the structure. Dust can also stain surfaces, damage electronic equipment, trigger allergic reactions, and even aggravate the condition of those who are suffering from respiratory disorders.

The good news is that the process Tile Busters uses does away with all these downsides by eliminating dust from the equation. Our company specializes in providing dust-free tile removal services, and we serve businesses in Keller, Prosper, and Mount Pleasant, to name a few locations. We’ve worked with different types of establishments, including restaurantsretail shops, and bed and breakfasts, and we can offer the same service to your facility. Just give us a call at 903-448-7171 so we can start discussing the details of the project.

Tile Removal Services for Commercial Spaces in Keller, TX

There are differences between the old process of tile removal—the one that generates a lot of dust—and the new process that Tile Buster uses. The old process is focused on controlling the spread of the dust within the property, while the one we use is all about removing the tiles quickly and efficiently.

The old process requires the work area to be sealed using plastic sheeting. The area must be closed off until the debris has been cleaned up, which means that shops and restaurants have to stay closed for a day or so. This process is made more complicated by the fact that technicians also have to protect themselves from the dust. However, the protective clothing they put on can slow them down and negatively impact the timeline of the project.

The new tile removal process used by Tile Busters doesn’t generate dust, so our technicians can dress comfortably, move quickly, and finish the project on time. We also won’t get in the way of your day-to-day tasks, so most of our clients can stay open while we work on one of the areas in their office or commercial space.

Our company is trusted by commercial establishments and community facility managers, and we typically work with:

If your office or facility is found in University Park, Keller, or Farmersville, you can count on Tile Busters for top-notch tile-removal services.

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