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Dust-free Tile Removal Services in Kennedale, TX

Replacing the tiles in your commercial space can improve its appeal to your customers and clients, but you don’t want to do this at the cost of the indoor air quality. You see, the old method of removing tiles creates a lot of dust. The dust particles have to be cleaned up by hiring a company that specializes in cleaning services. Otherwise, you risk compromising the indoor air quality in your shop, restaurant, or office for weeks or months.

Excessive dust not only looks unsightly in a commercial space, it can also cost you your business. Customers and clients are unlikely to visit, eat, or buy at a shop that has poor air quality. Instead of increasing the appeal of your commercial space, a tile replacement job may deter your customers from bringing you their business.

If your commercial space is based in Kennedale, TX, you have the option to hire dust-free tile removal services from Tile Busters. Our company uses a revolutionary dustless tile removal system that deals with dust particles from the start, preventing them from spreading and causing further damage. Hire our team for the job, and we’ll help you complete your renovation project as soon as possible.

Our company is trusted by property owners in Azle, Mesquite, and other locations in Texas. If you have a tile removal project that will need the attention and expertise of tile removal specialists, call us at 903-448-7171 so we can provide you with reasonably priced options.

Tile Removal Services for Commercial Spaces in Kennedale, TX

We understand that removing tiles is a tiring job, so we’ve taken steps to make it much easier for our technicians to accomplish the task at hand. By eliminating the dust from the equation, our technicians can proceed with their work in a faster manner, as they won’t be held back by the excessive dust or the cumbersome gear that offers protection from inhaling the particles. In a day, we can cover about 600 square feet of space—a much bigger area than what traditional tile removers can work on within the same time frame. Included in our list of clients in Kennedale are:

We’ll get the job done fast so you can open your shop’s doors as soon as possible and make up for the lost time. We’ll leave the space much flatter and cleaner as well so the tile installers can finish their part of the job quickly, and you don’t have to hire a cleaning company to eliminate the dust from the building.

Contact Tile Busters for Clean Tile Removal in Kennedale, TX

Do away with dust particles as you update the look and overall atmosphere of your commercial property in Kennedale. Make use of our dust-free tile removal services and enjoy quick and quality services. For inquiries, you can reach us at 903-448-7171 or use our Contact Us page to leave us a message. Allow us to help you kick off the renovation of your workspace.