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Dustless Tile Removal in Rattan, OK

When you want the tiles in your walls or floors removed, you should know it will be a major challenge unless you hire a competent and reliable tile removal firm to do it. Traditional tile removal processes create a thick, choking cloud of dust that is not only very unhealthy and hard to remove from your furniture but can also cause irreparable damage to your delicate electronics devices.

For your property in Rattan, OK, the company to use for tile removal is Tile Busters. Through the use of our very own and exclusive Tile Busters System, every tile removal job we undertake is guaranteed to be virtually dustless.

Rely Upon Tile Busters for All Your Dustless Tile Removal Needs

Don Preston is the owner of Tile Busters, and he’s been in the flooring industry since 1994. For all his years in the business, he’s always encountered the biggest and most common problem when it comes to removing tiles: the cloud of dust created by the tile removal process. This dust isn’t just made out of pulverized tile or silica, but also of thinset—the adhesive mortar that is used to glue tile into floors or walls. Thinset particles are what makes the resultant dust cloud stick to everything it touches, as well as make it particularly damaging to electronics. It also makes the dust that much more hazardous to one’s health, exacerbating the respiratory and skin ailments that are caused by dust exposure.

Because exposure to this dust is a health hazard, Preston set out to find a method that not only worked in removing tiles from walls and floors but also minimized the amount of thinset dust it created while during it. Through months of experimentation, he finally created such a method and dubbed it the Tile Busters System.

It’s this system that we will use in removing the tiles from your property, ensuring that not even a single particle of dust from the removal—thinset or no—will ever touch your assets or linger in your property.

Dustless Tile Removal Services in Rattan, OK

Eliminate the risk of thinset dust damaging your health or your property by having us remove your tiles from your floors and walls. With our highly-qualified tile removal experts and our own patented Tile Busters System, you can rest assured that any tile removal happening on your Rattan, OK property will be virtually dustless, no matter if it’s your home or commercial property. We have extensive experience in performing dustless tile removal on the following commercial facilities:

However your property’s floor plan is built or designed, we here at Tile Busters will do our best to ensure that each tile removal job will be done efficiently and with virtually zero dust.

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Suffer your old and broken tile floors no longer. Contact us now and experience the worry-free convenience of having a competent and trusted tile removal service improve your floors for you in a virtually dustless fashion. Drop us a call right away at 903-448-7171 to get started, or reach us through our Contact Us page for more information. You can also call us to receive a free tile removal estimate for your Rattan, OK property.