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Dustless Tile Removal Service in Seagoville, TX

Dated, dirty, and cracked tiles damage the look of your commercial space, and they do nothing to help improve the atmosphere inside of your shop, restaurant, or office. If you need to update the look of your workplace, replacing the tiles with a new design should do the trick. However, most business owners and managers try to avoid this option as it involves removing the existing tiles in the first place.

Traditionally, tile removal is a labor- and time-intensive job, one that leaves a lot of dust behind. The dust, in turn, causes a lot of problems. The particles can stay in the property for weeks or even months, circulating in the vents and reducing the air quality throughout the building. This, in turn, can trigger allergic reactions and worsen respiratory illnesses.

What’s more, the dust can also stain surfaces and damage electrical appliances. Hiring a cleaning company can help reduce the dust in the building, but the business owner has to shoulder the cost of this service.

It’s easy to see why most establishments in Seagoville, TX steer clear of traditional tile removal services. Tile Busters, on the other hand, uses a revolutionary tile removal process that does not generate dust. Our dust-free tile removal service can be completed quickly so that our clients can open their establishments a lot sooner.

We’re the name that restaurants, retail shops, and bed and breakfasts in the DFW Metroplex trust. In addition to Seagoville, we also serve Mansfield, Coppell, and other locations around Dallas-Fort Worth. Count on our team of expert tile removers at Tile Busters and experience all the benefits of dust-free tile removal. Call us at 903-448-7171 so that we can discuss your goals for your commercial space.  

Old-School Tile Removal vs. Our Dust-Free Method in Seagoville

In the old days, technicians had to seal their work area before they could get started on removing the tiles. This was done to control the spread of dust particles. And because they were going to be in the center of the work area, the technicians also had to put on special clothing so that they wouldn’t inhale dust particles. This laborious prep work and the heavy protective gear often slowed down the technicians’ progress and would cause commercial spaces to close for prolonged periods.

Tile Busters’ dust-free tile removal method is much faster and cleaner. Our technicians can work quickly without compromising their health or that of our clients. In a day, we can remove tiles from 600 square feet of space. What’s more, we’ll leave the space clean and prepped for the tile installers.

In addition to commercial establishments, we also serve the following:

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If you need quick and clean tile removal services and if your business is located in Seagoville or other cities in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, call Tile Busters. To get started, you can reach us by calling 903-448-7171 or by using our Contact Us page to send us a quick message. Contact us as soon as possible and find out how you can enjoy dust-free tile removal for your commercial establishment.