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Professional Dust-Free Tile Removal Service in Sherman, TX by Tile Busters

For homes and businesses in Sherman, TX, tiles are wonderful flooring materials. Tiles are water-resistant and easy to clean, making them ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, and mudrooms. Tiles are also easier and cheaper to install. When it comes time to replace tiles, some property owners just install new tiles over the old ones. 

This may seem to make sense at first. It’s not that easy to remove old tiles using the traditional methods available. However, there are benefits to removing the old tiles first before installing new ones. You’ll be able to see the condition of the sub-floor and figure out if it needs any repair. In short, removing old tiles instead of just building on top of the old ones helps you see the sub-floor and helps you make informed decisions on how to go about your project. The good news is Tile Busters provides a new, revolutionary way of tile removal that’s dust-free and doesn’t cause too much disruption. The secret is a new technology that get rids of the dust before it spreads. 

The Old Tile Removal Process VS The Tile Buster Process

The old tile removal process is messy and very disruptive. Tile removal used to involve a lot of fine dust that lingers for months even after the job is done. The usual process is that technicians will cover a small area with plastic and tape and work in that area. However, simply entering and exiting that sealed area is enough to release some fine dust throughout the property. 

The new tile removal system used by Tile Buster is different. With the Tile Buster System, the dust is removed automatically. There’s no need for plastic and tape. Our technicians are also free to work without using masks or protective gear. This makes it easier for them to perform their job because they are more comfortable. 

The Tile Buster System for Tile Removal in Sherman, TX

The inventor of Tile Buster, Don Preston, has been in the flooring industry since 1994 and he has seen how difficult and disruptive tile removal can be. Dust particles would spread and linger for months even if they’ve done their best to seal off the area. He knew he had to do something about it and the existing tools won’t do. 

The old tools were unwieldy and required the technicians to work on their hands and knees. This could be straining considering that they have to wear masks, gloves, goggles, and other protective gear and have to do it for hours on end. So Don Preston built and field-tested more than 50 prototypes before he finally arrived at what’s now the amazing system for removing tiles virtually dust-free. 

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