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Dust-free Tile Removal in Watauga, TX

Most people choose tile flooring because it is an inexpensive and durable option that can be expected to maintain its look for years. Depending on the amount of foot traffic that the area sees, though, tile can start to look old and worn out after a while, and it will need replacing.

However, the process of having tile removed can be messy and laborious. Traditional thinset removal methods done by home contractors almost always create a significant amount of fine dust, which tends to get everywhere and is especially difficult to clean.

Dustless tile removal is the best way to deal with such an issue, and the people at Tile Busters USA know a thing or two about it. For the best dust-free tile removal services in Watauga, TX, as well as Arlington, Bedford, Colleyville, and other cities in Tarrant County or the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington Metropolitan area in general, Tile Busters USA is the company to call.

Our exclusive dustless tile removal system is capable of removing up to 600 square feet of tile in a single day, all without creating the fine dust usually associated with the task. This preserves the quality of your indoor air, allowing you to live in or conduct business as usual at your property even while the process is ongoing.

Tile Removal Made Safer & Dust-free in Watauga, TX

Tile Busters USA is owned by Mr. Don Preston, an experienced flooring contractor who has been in the business since 1994. Dissatisfied with the way tiles were traditionally removed, he developed a system for performing the same task without all of the dust usually associated with it.

The Tile Busters USA dustless tile removal system helps keep your family or your customers safe by removing dust from the equation and maintaining healthy indoor air quality, even while tile removal is in progress. This is especially helpful for those who have conditions that can be triggered by the presence of fine dust in the air, such as asthmatics and people who suffer from allergies.

You, too, can experience the Tile Busters USA difference today! Choose from our available services, which include:

Residential Dust-Free Tile Removal - Tile Busters USA is the first and only provider of the patented Tile Busters System. Our quick and efficient method can remove tiles made out of all types of materials, including ceramic, marble, and stone. The process is guaranteed to be virtually dust-free and leaves a concrete slab that is flat, smooth, and ready for the installation of new flooring.

Commercial Dust-Free Tile Removal - Tile Busters USA can also provide our best-in-class dust-free tile removal services to commercial establishments, such as churches, restaurants, hotels, schools, bed and breakfasts, museums, and galleries. Simply give us a call or leave a message on our Contact Us page to inquire.

Call Tile Busters USA for Dust-free Tile Removal in Watauga, TX

For superior tile removal services in Watauga, as well as the nearby areas of Lake Worth, Saginaw, and White Settlement in Tarrant County, call Tile Busters USA today. We can be reached via 903-448-7171 or through the form on our Contact Us page.