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Dustless Tile Removal Service in Paris, TX

Dated, dirty, and cracked tiles don’t belong in a commercial space. Aside from not being easy on the eyes, these damaged tiles can negatively impact the atmosphere inside of your restaurant or shop. Replacing your old tiles with new ones can remedy this problem, but many business owners hesitate to replace their tiles because this involves tile removal.

The old process of removing tiles generates a lot of dust, and this can cause a lot of issues for the business. The dust can circulate around the structure and get caught in the vents, affecting the air quality in the building for weeks or months. The particles can also stain walls, floors, and other surfaces, plus they can damage delicate appliances. Hiring a cleaning service can help reduce the dust, but this is an additional cost for the company. Understandably, no business owner wants to deal with these sorts of issues.

Tile Busters understands these concerns, which is why we offer dust-free tile removal services to establishments in Paris, TX. Our company uses a revolutionary dust removal method that eliminates excess dust from the process. This means that we’ll leave your establishment clean and dust-free, and you won’t have to hire a cleaning company to prepare the space for the tile installers. We’ve been working with restaurants, retail shops, and bed and breakfasts for years, and our service area includes Mansfield, Sulphur Springs, Coppell, and other Dallas-Fort Worth cities.

Save time and money on your tiling project by relying on Tile Busters for your tile removal. Call us at 903-448-7171 so that we can discuss your needs today.

Traditional Tile Removal vs. Our Revolutionary Dust-Free Tile Removal

The old way of removing tiles requires a lot of prep work. The working space should be sealed properly to keep the dust away from other sections of the building. The workers, as well, need to put on a special type of clothing for their protection. They’ll be exposed to dust while they work, and this can cause respiratory illnesses.

The problem is that the protective clothing can hamper their movement and slow down their progress. Even after the tile removal has been completed, cleaning technicians have to work on the space to remove the excess dust and make sure that it’s ready for the tile installation.

You don’t have to deal with any of these if you choose to work with Tile Busters. Our process is virtually dust-free, and our technicians can cover as much as 600 square feet of space in a day. This means we’ll finish the work in a timely manner and we’ll leave the space ready for the tile installers.

Tile Busters is trusted by commercial establishments and community spaces. Included in our list of clients are:

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Are you thinking of updating the tiles at your business in Paris, Texas, or other cities within the Dallas-Fort Worth area? Just call Tile Busters so you can enjoy a dust-free tile removal process. If you’d like to reach out to us, you can give us a quick call at 903-448-7171 or contact us online.

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  • Paris, TX | August 01, 2016

"We are very satisfied with the work. They an outstanding job. Very professional, would recommend these guys to anyone. Great crew."

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